Love in 90 Days

The one and only dating coaching program that helps you

Ditch those Disappointing Men & Find The One who Cherishes You

by learning the advanced dating techniques I teach my own coaches


You've been through enough heartache
for one lifetime.

You deserve to be with the man of your dreams - the one who pursues and loves you unconditionally just as you are.

But there's a problem...
It seems like all the guys you meet are duds.
You're tired of all the heart-break and pain
The same old dating advice isn't working.
After so many let downs, you're losing confidence and hope.

This truy revolutionary program has everything you need to get the love you want.

Over 8 life-changing weeks, you'll...

  • Actualize your best, most self-loving identity — that confident, empowered, successful person you’ve always wanted to be.
  • Realize your power to have soulmate love that is beyond your wildest dreams —and help others do the same. 
  • Unlock your unique coaching abilities — so you can make a huge difference in the lives of others. 
  • Get unique step-by-step instruction on how to build your own successful dating and relationship coaching practice. 
  • Learn specialized bonding techniques to create instant rapport with men and clients.
  • Break free of the dead-end patterns that have been keeping you stuck, loveless, and unhappy.
  • Find out how to have it raining men — so that you and/or your clients have multiple guys to choose from. 
  • Learn how to quickly sort through potential dates so you and/or your clients don’t waste any more precious time. 
  • Heal old pain and heartbreak.
  • Master key strategies and techniques to powerfully  inspire yourself and others to manifest sky’s-the-limit affirmations 
  • And so MUCH more! 

For so long, you’ve wanted it ALL.…

To be with a truly great guy. An unconditionally loving relationship. A rewarding, successful career. To feel happy and excited about life.
Is all of that really possible?
It is! I have it all. The vast majority of my clients and trained coaches have it all. So can you!

With this training, your greatest dreams will come to fruition more quickly than you ever thought possible.

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"Dr. Diana understands the mysteries of committed passionate love."

―John Grey
International Bestselling Author, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

Why I created this course

Several years ago, I had a big dream. I felt called to help women all over the world find love and create truly happy lasting relationships. 

So many amazing women I encountered had given up. Or they were dating jerks and settling for crumbs. I knew a truly amazing relationship was possible for them.

I was once in their shoes. I grew up as a shy nobody’s girl, feeling very alone and unwanted. When I started dating I settled for crumbs, or went after guys who disappeared or treated me horribly. I didn’t think I’d ever have a truly good relationship. So I went on a search to find out all I could about how to create lasting passionate love.  Along the way I got a Masters and Ph.D. in Psychology. Most importantly, I learned the secrets of dating and love success. One day at a time, I healed. With the help of a life-changing mentor, I learned how to create a truly happy, lasting relationship. Out of that coaching, I was able to accept the love of a good guy. That man is now my husband, Sam. We've been married for many years and have two amazing children. I can truly say we're even more in love than when we met! And I truly want to pay it forward.

Over the last 30 years, I’ve used the powerful secrets I learned to help tens of thousands of women and men create happy soulmate relationships and successful careers. And I’ve also used those secrets to create a multi-million dollar coaching business.  I’ve been a guest on a number of TV shows, including Oprah, Good Morning America and The Today Show, and have my own PBS Special on love.  My international bestseller, Love in 90 Days, has been called the dating coach’s secret weapon. And it was used by Hoda Kotb of the Today Show and renowned woman’s physician, Dr. Christiane Northrup, to find their own Beloveds.

I’ve trained hundreds of therapists and coaches and have my own elite and acclaimed Love Mentor® Dating and Relationship Coaching team with 27 highly effective coaches who charge up to $300 per hour.

I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to teach and coach thousands of people. My work has been written up in The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

But what’s most important is that I’m fulfilling my mission to help YOU create the love and career you want.

I created The Love in 90 Days Dating and Relationship Coaching Certification to teach you the powerful secrets I know about finding true love and helping others do the same.

It is based on research on what truly makes dating and love work, along with expertise from tens of thousands of clinical sessions!  This means you will learn concepts and techniques that are totally unique:  How to access your fully empowered self-confident radiant Diamond Self Identity that can uplevel every aspect of your life; How to bond deeply with clients and guys based on a very powerful understanding of their deepest needs; How to inspire another to create and live from their own empowered and highly effective Diamond Self Identity; ; How to activate an affirmation so that is pops and manifests for you; How to understand and overcome 13 different unconscious deadly dating patterns; How to successfully create a dating program where you find and have fun with three great guys, (even though you can’t even find one good guy to date now!); and finally how to envision and manifest love and success that is beyond your wildest dreams.

With what you learn, you’ll become so much more confident and able to create from a sense of possibility and abundance rather than scarcity and lack.

You’ll also get the proprietary strategies, the key secrets I’ve used to create my own multi-million dollar coaching business — which is known for getting life-changing results with clients. I’ll teach you exactly how to coach yourself and clients as well as how to expand your business so that you have a steady stream of new clients.

Most importantly, you’ll become the powerful creator of your love life and career.

It’s time to stop settling.

You deserve it all…


Dr. Diana

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"Dr. Diana Kirschner's work is life-changing, love-affirming, and wonderfully effective."

―Christiane Northrup, MD
bestselling author, Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom

A Course for All Levels

The Love in 90 Days Dating and Relationship Coaching Certification course is designed for students of all levels.  What makes this course so cool is it’s not just for people who want to be professional coaches.  It’s so much more because of the powerful personal development exercises and empowerment techniques you will discover.

If you are or want to be a dating and relationship coach, this course is a MUST. You’ll step into your power as a coach, get my proven strategies for building a successful business, and learn how to get major results with your clients. 

This course is just as ESSENTIAL for anyone who is tired of settling in life and love. Over 8 weeks, I become your coach to teach you how to own your power and create a life even better than you can imagine — from attracting the One and creating a truly loving relationship to achieving success and happiness that are beyond your wildest dreams. 

Students include…

Women who are tired of the loneliness of one dating disappointment after another, who are finally ready to find the One. 

Go-getters who feel called to start a coaching business.

Caring therapists and coaches who want to add to their expertise and build their practice.

More established coaches who want to get to the next level and generate more clients and more income. 

Anyone who wants to become more confident, feel happier and get to the next level in her life.  

People who want to be trained to become an elite Love Mentor® coach who is affiliated with Dr. Diana’s dynamic global coaching team. NOTE:  This course is a prerequisite for being considered for the advanced Love Mentor® training.

"Love in 90 Days Certification is more than a course - it's a journey of the heart. I came into the training program expecting to learn facts and increase my coaching knowledge (which I most certainly did) but, I was also unexpectedly put back in touch with my own spirit, my purpose, my courage and confidence and beauty. Thank you so much for creating an incomparable framework for all of this in one. I and my coaching are forever deepened."

~Bernice McDonald
Creator of The Open To Love Again Pathway

A Rare Chance to Be Coached By One of the World's Most Acclaimed Experts to...

Create the relationship of your dreams.

Tens of thousands of women have used my dating and relationship advice to find love and create the partnership of their dreams…

Even the women who had totally given up are now happily married. As an acclaimed psychologist, I'm not your typical dating and coach. My methods are based on tens of thousands of hours of clinical experience and massive amounts of research into and work with men and relationships. I know and will teach you unique proprietary secrets that empower you to create from possibility and abundance. No matter what has happened to you in the past—if you were betrayed, cheated on, abandoned, or abused, this course will make a dramatic difference. These teachings are designed to  help you find brand new levels of confidence, attract the One, create the best possibility of getting your ex back, end the cycle of heartbreak, get tons more dates, inspire your partner to make a long- term commitment, create a happier life and, if you wish now or at some point...

Build a business you love.

As the “trainer of the trainers,” I’ve taught several hundred coaches, therapists and psychologists. I’m also the creator of the world-renowned Love Mentoring® Coaching program and have my own team of 27 elite expert coaches. My team and I have successfully coached tens of thousands of women and men all over the world. 

In this training, you’ll not only learn my never-before-available, revolutionary methods for getting better, faster results with clients. You’ll also find out how to grow your coaching business toward your goal, whether it’s getting your practice started, finding more high-level clients or charging higher fees.  My own coaching business has generated millions of dollars in revenue. My training of dating, relationship and life coaches has resulted in their increasing their fees up to $300 per hour. So I know something about building a successful coaching business.   And I also know how to scale it to have coaches working for me. so that I no longer see any clients directly. I can show you how to build your business to whatever your goal is.

What Makes the Love in 90 Days Dating and Relationship Coaching Certification So Unique?

Coaching by a World-Renowned Coach: Over the last 30+ years, I’ve clocked many thousands of hours working with women, couples and men. Through my own practice and supervision of other therapists and coachs I have helped approximately 3000 women get happily married. And, I don’t do private coaching anymore, so this is the next best thing to having me as your personal mentor in love, life and business!

Proprietary Dating/ Relationship Secrets PLUS Proprietary Coaching Business Secrets: I’ve infused this course with proprietary processes I’ve never before shared— all proven to help you become the powerful creator of your love life and career.

My Hands-on Approach: This is not the kind of course where you just watch a talking head! This course includes tons of experiential exercises that will dramatically greenlight your possibilities, up your confidence and transform your life on a daily basis. Plus the course also includes never-before-available group coaching from me. 

A Blend of Expertise You Can’t Find Anywhere Else: I’m a world-renowned dating and relationship coach, a Ph. D, psychologist, and bestselling author who has helped tens of thousands of people AND I’m someone who “walks the talk.” I’ve overcome a difficult upbringing and years of dating heartbreak to create my own “forever” relationship with my husband.  I’ve put together cutting-edge research on what makes dating and love work, along with expertise from tens of thousands of clinical hours to create a unique dating and love empowerment approach that works. I have trained hundreds of coaches and therapists to create their own successful practices where they charge up to $300 an hour. And I’ve created a multi-million dollar coaching  practice from the ground up.  Now I’m ready to help you.

Everything You’ll Get in this Incredible Course


  • 8 weekly experiential lessons to watch at your convenience. 
  • Over 40 instructional videos. 
  • Live group coaching calls during which I answer your questions.  
  • Lifetime Access: Your training materials are yours forever. You can access the videos via our school portal and repeat the lessons anytime. 
  • Timeless strategies: This is not one of those schemes that over-promises and under-delivers. You’ll learn proven dating, relationship and coaching skills that will serve you for LIFE. 
  • Exclusive Certification from Love in 90 Days University - which affirms you’ve been trained in my processes.
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"Diana's theory makes sense... and helps you avoid the waiting-by-the-phone-for-one-person syndrome! For several months I followed the program and enjoyed the process. I appreciate her planting very helpful seeds!"

―Hoda Kotb
The Today Show, who found her Beloved using Love in 90 Days techniques

The Love in 90 Days Coaching Curriculum

Module 1:  YOU: The Extraordinary Coach

If you want to have an extraordinary relationship and be a powerful coach, you must first work on yourself and become the change you want to see. In this life-changing lesson, you’ll establish an entirely new definition of yourself as the creator of your destiny. You’ll:

  • Discover your unique coaching gifts and empowering, healing identity 
  • Actualize your best, most self-loving identity — that confident, empowered, magnetic, lovable person you’ve always wanted to be. 
  • Stop coming from a place of emptiness, scarcity and desperation.
  • Learn to treat yourself like a queen! 
  • Envision and create your ideal future — where you’re totally in love with the man of your dreams and a successful coach for yourself and others. 
  • Use my proprietary tools for getting the most powerful life-changing results for yourself and clients. 
Module 2:   Key “Fairy Godmother” Bonding Techniques that Heal, Uplift and Inspire

In order to find love and fully unlock your coaching abilities, you must understand the subtleties of successful relationships. In this important lesson, I delve into how to become your own love champion and that of others. You will:  

  • Learn the roadmap to profound personal growth: The tough and tender loving care needs
  • Discover your best stance as a loving transformational agent for maximum results 
  • Orchestrate your own self-talk to fill your deepest needs
  • Access a spiritual dimension to deepen the bond between you, your beloved or you and your client
Module 3:   Spirituality: The Ultimate First-Aid for Heartbreak

Heartbreak blocks us in so many ways. Not just from love but from success. In this powerful lesson, you’ll learn how to heal and create a whole new beginning for yourself and your clients. In particular, you’ll:

  • Turn love’s painful setbacks into triumphs. 
  • Deepen your connection with the Divine — which is the ultimate key for healing and helping others do the same. 
  • Strengthen your intuition— which will enable you better coach yourself AND your clients.  
  • Break free of negative thinking, resentment and bitterness. 
  • Learn my revolutionary heart-clearing exercise for shifting from sad to glad in an instant! 
Module 4: How to Prioritize and Actualize Your Own (and Your Client’s) Vision for Love

If you don’t know exactly where you want to go, you won’t get there! In this lesson, you’ll get crystal clear on what you want for your most fulfilling love life and your best coaching practice. And you’ll learn the very steps I’ve personally used and taught my clients to make those dreams a reality. You’ll: 

  • Create a powerful love intention and learn how to activate it so it manifests quickly. 
  • Break free of doubts and fears that sabotage your intentions
  • Learn the 10 must-have power steps for living full-out in your relationship and career.  
  • And much more! 

Plus, I give you the incredibly powerful contract I use with my own coaching clients! 

Module 5: The 13 Deadly Dating Patterns and Their Fixes

To succeed in the Love in 90 Days plan you have to pinpoint exactly the patterns that have been short circuiting your love life — or that of your client. Based on my decades of research and work, I’ve concluded that there are 13 main patterns that keep us from true love. In this lesson, you’ll:

  • Discover which patterns you tend to enact in your own relationships (even if you are married!). 
  • Find out how to tell what patterns are keeping your clients from love. 
  • Learn exactly how to overcome each of these dead-end relationship patterns. 
  • Set the stage for greater, more fulfilling love. 
  • And much more! 
Module 6:  How to Help Your Client (and You!) Manifest the Diamond Self to Magnetize the Life of Your Dreams

In this lesson, we delve deeper into the most potent inner work to create lasting change in your life and the lives of your clients. The Diamond Self work is the ultimate self-affirmation because it occurs at the level of your identity.  And empowerment at this level changes everything in your life! You’ll: 

  • Learn key secrets to fostering appreciation and gratitude to set the table for the Diamond Self
  • Understand the power and magic of co-creating your client’s diamond self
  • Learn strategies for anchoring in the Self-Expressed, Self-Loving Diamond Self name 
  • Find out how to create the amazing Diamond Self Makeover!  
Module 7:  How to Find a Soulmate Through the Powerful Dating Program of Three

One of the most powerful techniques in our program is the Dating Program of Three.  This lesson covers the approach in depth: You are taught how to find great matches and how to date a few men casually in order to empower yourself (or your client) to find a true soulmate.  In this Module you’ll learn:

  • The 11 key rules that make the Dating Program of Three work
  • How to tell if he’s worth your time
  • The DUD and STUD Report and how to use it successfully
  • What about sex?--how to know when a relationship should move to sex
  • How to handle a shy guy
  • The magic of dating against type
  • How to have it raining men
  • Key secrets to using apps and online dating sites with less pain and more gain
Module 8:  Starting and/or Growing Your Successful Business as a Dating Coach (with tips for great success in any career)

In this lesson you will learn my proprietary techniques for success. It covers:

  • How to create a powerful success intention that activates your business dreams
  • How to use potent bonding techniques or ‘Networking Magic’ to generate clients in any social setting
  • How to grow your email list to create a great funnel of potential clients
  • How to give talks and interviews that convert audience members into clients
  • How to use a free intro session to enroll a client in paid coaching packages.  Includes a Proprietary Script that Really Works!

"Training with Dr. Diana has made all my dreams come true! I'm doing what I always wanted to do but didn't have a path to get there. It brings tears to my eyes just to say that! I used the Love in 90 Days program to meet and marry my soulmate, and I am using the Love in 90 Days principles and techniques in my life and my work. I am now doing my dream job as a life coach and I have helped hundreds of people with all kinds of problems, including self-esteem, self-deservedness, dating, and love.  Dr. Diana’s tools have given me the ability to be a great coach who bonds deeply with people and assists them to create lives that are fulfilling in so many different ways. The Love in 90 Days training has also given me the ability to charge higher fees (up to $300 per session) and retain clients, as well as to do long term work that is deeply satisfying with clients who need longer term work.  I love Dr. Diana and am so grateful for her mentorship!"

~Joielle Shepherd
Life, Dating & Relationship Coach

Here's a Recap of Everything You Get
in The Love in 90 Days Coaching Certification Course

It's difficult to assign value to a program like this. After all, how can you put a number on creating the relationship of your dreams and helping others do the same? Not to mention getting trained by a world-renowned dating and relationship coach who has worked with thousands of people, published several bestselling books, and built her own multi-million-dollar coaching practice.

What kind of price tag can you put on that? It’s tough to say. So, I've done my best to put it in perspective.

Your 8 Powerful Training Modules – over 40 videos total: $2400 value

8 Live Group Coaching Calls with me, Dr. Diana: $1600 value

Private Community of Like-Minded Students: Priceless

Esteemed Certification that you've been trained in my methods: Priceless

PLUS 3 Exclusive Bonuses!

Exclusive Bonus #1:
A 60 Minute One-on-One Coaching Session: $250 value
Get a session with an elite Love Mentor® coach by phone or Skype. The full hour will be devoted to transforming your personal life and/or starting or enhancing your coaching practice!

Exclusive Bonus #2:
Group Coaching Manual: $199 value
This confidential proprietary manual gives you the exact procedures for running a highly successful Love in 90 Days group via teleconference. Previously only used in our Love Mentor® program, it includes scripts, the coach’s role, a fee schedule, and a suggested format for a powerful transformational group process.

Exclusive Bonus #3:
Bonfire of Past Hurts: Free Yourself to Create Lasting Love: $19 value
A never-before-available ebook with a key exercise designed to free you from bitterness, heartbreak and regrets once and for all!

This program is currently full.   

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You're Protected with My 100% Money-Back Guarantee! 

I’m very confident this program will help you, providing you do the work. So I’m offering a risk free money back guarantee!  

Here’s how this works: Enroll now and join us for the first lesson. You must complete all homework for these lessons and log into the course at least twice as well as participate in the learning process by attending the first conference call. If you take this action and still find the curriculum isn’t helping you, I will be happy to refund your tuition. Please note: You must submit a refund request to [email protected] within 5 days of starting the course. 

"I was fifty-two years old with a career that was enviably successful. But my love life was not. And I couldn't figure out why. As my love mentor, Diana helped me understand that I not only deserved to have but could have a strong, loving life partner who would always be there for me. I trusted Diana's wisdom and experience and faithfully followed her dating program with expert dating tips and relationship advice that supported my unique situation. Believe it or not, I found true love in three months! And after four and a half years of marriage, my husband and I still pinch ourselves every day to make sure that it's not a dream!"

Midge Woolsey

So Many Success Stories*...

"Helped me easily and effortlessly attract the right clients."

The universe arranged for Dr. Diana to enter my world in 2014—just the right time as it turns out. I had been a relationship coach for 5 years and had the training and experience to show for it. But something was missing from the equation. Despite my training and good instincts, I found I was not always able to meet my clients exactly where they were. I signed up for Dr. Diana’s groundbreaking Love in 90 Days Program and it has been an invaluable resource ever since. I now have all the tools, skills, and resources that I need to guide me in my work. I know exactly which direction to go with my clients to achieve maximum success while making excellent use of the time I have with them. Diana’s program has increased my coaching confidence and helped me easily and effortlessly attract the right clients. Her successful coaching program is at my fingertips like a blueprint for success. And not only that, I’m seeing more clients than ever and reaping the rewards of this deeply meaningful work—helping people find love. What could be more satisfying? 

~Betty Russell, BCC
Dating & Relationship Specialist, Creator of Four Essential Elements for Successful Online Dating

"Being trained by Dr. Diana has definitely enriched my life in so many wonderful ways!!"

I came to Dr. Diana's Love Mentoring® training program as a seasoned psychotherapist, but still thinking way too small. I had believed that raising my fee would chase clients away. However, with Dr. D's amazing Love in 90 Days training and being selected as one of her Love Mentors®, the confidence in me and my abilities began to soar. With her loving guidance and validation, I knew I had become a magician of transformation. Creating happy relationships and fulfilled lives, my Love Mentees and psychotherapy clients are experiencing more success than ever! Since becoming a Love Mentor®, I have tripled my fee and it continues to rise. Much to my happy surprise, it has not deterred clients at all. In fact, they keep coming back for more plus referring their friends and family. Being trained by Dr. Diana has definitely enriched my life in so many wonderful ways!!

~Tamara Green, LCSW, International Bestselling Author, Live Calm With Cancer (... and Beyond)

"No matter the topic, her words of wisdom helped me successfully navigate my growing relationship."

Time and again, when I took Dr. Diana’s relationship advice and followed her dating tips, my boyfriend would respond as she predicted. She helped me figure out how to ask for what I wanted without being demanding. Dr. D told me when to leave him alone and when to apologize. As things progressed further, and I wondered how to have “The Talk,” again I sought counsel. “Bring it up when you’re feeling close and with no drama. Whatever he says, repeat it back to him. Self-control is key.” No matter the topic, her words of wisdom helped me successfully navigate my growing relationship through new territory. And this year, I’m happy to report, he became my husband! All relationships need outside support to survive. I’m so grateful that some of mine came from a source as experienced and wise as Dr. Diana and her Love Mentors®. ~ Sarah Showfety

"I owe so much to Dr. Diana and her work for all that I am today."

Finding Dr. Diana and being in the Love in 90 Days training was one of those serendipitous events in my life that I'll never forget. As someone new to coaching and still finding my way, Dr. Diana was the perfect mentor to help me discover my unique gifts as well as provide expansive insights into the psychological understanding of what blocks many people from realizing true love. Most importantly, Dr. Diana helped me build confidence in my abilities to support and serve others. Not only did my skills improve, but I became the person I was destined to be. Her patience and tough yet tender approach to helping me uncover what had been holding me back from fully actualizing the highest version of myself was something I'll be eternally grateful for. Another benefit to the training was the insight I gained into my own marriage and how to build an even stronger, healthier and more loving connection with my husband. The tools and techniques I learned in my Love in 90 Days training are the things I use everyday in my own life, from using the Diamond Self identity to showing up as a caring and loving wife, friend, mentor and human being. I owe so much to Dr. Diana and her work for all that I am today.

~Nicole DiCristofaro - Love Garden Designer & Intuitive Guide

"Engaged to be married to the love of my life!"

I'm 43 years old and engaged to be married to the love of my life! I truly believe that my good fortune and amazing life is a reality because I stayed the course, worked Dr. Diana's program and was my true self the whole time. Dr. Diana is the real deal. I worked her 90 day program, and while the time frame didn't work for me (I dance to the beat of my own drum) it was the catalyst for me to change my life and truly, deeply believe in my heart that I deserve the very best and that I am the Wonder Diva of Love in the Universe (my Diamond Self name!). I can say with complete confidence that ALL PEOPLE deserve the very best. YOU deserve the very best. It's there for you. You simply need to believe that you deserve it…and realize that when good things come, there is always more. My mom used to say that it wouldn't be the absence, but the abundance of choices that would plague me. It is abundance, happiness and authenticity that frightens us. But they are yours for the taking if you chose. Oh, and, just when you think things can't get any better, Dr. Diana is there to tell you (remind you) that there's more! Dr. Diana and her Love Mentors don’t just give dating advice. They give advice for your whole self… for your life. And if you start with you, and work her program, the rest will fall into place. I promise. Dr. Diana, I love you. Because of you, I pinch myself every day... As I got more empowered, I also grew more confident in other areas...specifically the job hunt. I know I held out for the right job and got it in large part because of this amazing coaching and mentoring!

~ Amelia Heape

"My success is rooted in the training I received from Dr. Diana."

My success as a clinician in private practice, plus couples work both institutionally and privately is rooted in the training I received from Dr. Diana, starting at the Institute for Comprehensive Therapy in the late 80s. My depth as a clinician has been enhanced beyond measure since I trained in the Love in 90 Days approach and began work as a Mentor in 2010. Personal development is seen as essential and highly encouraged by Dr. Diana. Her skills as a research scholar, author and teacher are informed always by her intuition and direct experience of many years face to face with patients, clients and mentees. Her ability to get the big picture with lightning speed and then “touch” the emotional core of those who need guidance is uncanny. Learning from her has been a privilege. I believe she works to maintain balance in her own life which allows her to give her full attention to others and “be “present”.  As a dating coach one needs to evolve and grow. Dr. Diana has created an atmosphere of learning, acceptance, personal growth and support. Self-knowledge and self-love are passed along to our clients because of the powerful non-judgmental and empowering work with Dr. D. as teacher.

~Susan Kalinowski, LCSW, BCD

"I was able to raise my prices and attract more and better clients."

Before I studied with Dr. Diana I was an effective coach for certain people - particularly for women who had issues similar to the issues I needed to deal with before I was able to marry a great guy.  The problem is that people have problems creating lasting love for many reasons and I've found that many of the coaches I've known seem to have success in helping people with only certain types of issues.  Dr. Diana's training taught me how to be extraordinarily effective in coaching women and men who were very different from me.  I've had training as a therapist and a coach, but it was Dr. Diana's training that made me into a confident and extremely effective coach for all kinds of people and which saved me a lot of wasted effort and disappointment trying to help people who really were not open to being coached.  As I became more confident and effective, I was able to raise my prices and attract more and better clients.  Her training has also very helpful in my own personal life.  Dr. Diana is an amazing woman who walks her talk- someone of the highest integrity.  She truly knows how to help people find love and her mission in life is to share that knowledge with the world.  

~Judith Joshel, Author of Where Are the Good Guys?  The Single Woman's Guide to Meeting Mr. Right Offline

Praise for Dr. Diana and The Love in 90 Days Approach

"Dr. Diana understands the mysteries of committed passionate love."

John Gray, International Bestselling Author, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

"Dr. Diana Kirschner's work is life-changing, love-affirming, and wonderfully effective."―Christiane Northrup, MD, bestselling author, Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom

"A wonderful, fun, and wise approach to finding and keeping love. The Love in 90 Days work is filled with nuggets to open your heart and mind to the love you deserve."-- Dr. Judith Orloff, International Bestselling Author of Emotional Freedom

"Diana's theory makes sense... and helps you avoid the waiting-by-the-phone-for-one-person syndrome! For several months I followed the program and enjoyed the process. I appreciate her planting very helpful seeds!"―Hoda Kotb, The Today Show

"Love in 90 Days, the best-selling, how-to book, flew off the shelves of bookstores and a copy seems to be on the coffee tables and reference material for many of my friends...Love in 90 Days is replete with pages of heart-filled ideas and exercises. Like the song: summertime and the reading is easy. Go for it."―

"At first, I was skeptical that anyone could find real love in ninety days. But Dr. Diana gives you the structure and the 'someplace to start' that we all need. Finding true love is about preparation, and if you can follow a map or read a recipe, then you can do this! Dr. D lays out her program clearly so you don't have to overthink it. Get going, we're all waiting!"

Steve Santagati, President of Bad Boys Finish First Inc. and Author of the New York Times Bestseller, The Manual

"Dr. Diana’s heartfelt, irresistible and easy-to-follow guide, Love in 90 Days, can improve anyone's love life. will teach you not only how to find true love, but more importantly, how to keep it passionately alive." -- Rachel Greenwald, Bestselling Author of Have Him at Hello

"Funny, wise, and emotionally generous, Dr. Diana Kirschner is an expert at helping single women weed out the frogs to find princes. Ignore her smart advice at your own peril."

--Susan Shapiro, New York Times Bestselling Author of Secrets of a Fix-Up Fanatic and Five Men Who Broke My Heart

"Are you just thinking about getting back into dating? Or is your current dating strategy getting you nowhere? Maybe you're with a guy now and wondering if he's 'The One?' Or are you in a relationship now that you know deep inside is failing? No matter what is happening in your love life, Love in 90 Days is for you. Grab this book now. It truly rocks!"―Steve Nakamoto, Writers Digest award-winning author of Men are Like Fish; What Every Women Needs to Know about Catching a Man

Even More Success Stories*...

"We are now happily married!"

You can find love whether you're a size 4 or 16! I was overweight and a “yo-yo” dieter for over 30 years. I met an amazing man online and was successful in finding love. I asked Dr. Diana for an expert dating coach, followed Dr. Diana’s dating tips and relationship advice and we are now happily married after a beautiful 2–year courtship. This could happen to you.
~ Dr. Donna Goldstein

"I met my stud on only 2 months into the program!"

At 33 I said to myself, "What is the most I would do to find love? Whatever that is I need to do it right now." I'd been so successful in other areas, but I hadn't found the love of my life. I just didn't have the tools or the know-how. I decided that hiring a coach or matchmaker was that big step I needed to take and discovered Dr. Diana's Love in 90 Days Program online. My first conversation with my Love Mentor changed my life! She helped me pinpoint the ways in which I was pushing men away instead of drawing them close. Her dating tips and relationship advice changed my entire understanding of dating. She gave me fun assignments that made me more comfortable with myself and men, and to my total shock men began smiling at me and flirting with me everywhere I went. It was incredible! She and Dr. Diana also improved my online dating profiles. My inbox became flooded with quality date requests, and with the help of my Love Mentor, I met my stud on only 2 months into the program! We had our first date on Valentine's Day 2014, became engaged in December 2014 and will be married in May 2015. If you're looking for love and getting nowhere, ask yourself what you have to lose. If you're in the same spot a year from now, will you regret not taking a chance to gain the skills you need to find your other? ~ Leslie Charity

"Greatly increased my confidence."

The mentoring that I receive from Dr. Diana has expanded my own expertise in helping people in the area of love and greatly increased my confidence. Working alongside of her, I have helped many women and men find love, in addition to turning around relationships that were on the verge of ending.  In addition, she has helped me personally to have the most optimal and fulfilling marriage.  She is a true gem, kind hearted, full of love and energy and integrity and it has been a true blessing in my life to learn from such a love guru.
~Kim Quick,   

"Courage and confidence come naturally when you work with Dr. Diana."

Working with Dr. Diana has brought me incredible growth and transformation! The journey I’ve taken since being trained by her to become one of her Love Mentors in 2013 has enabled me to personally grow, learn, develop and even launch a new line of business! Courage and confidence come naturally when you work with Dr. Diana and embrace her methods and philosophies. I was even inspired to create a “Love Collection” of essential oil perfumes that I now offer my clients and customers. Dr. Diana has given me the tools to help my clients, my family, and myself! She’s the best of the best! ~ Ann Robbins, PCC

"Training with Dr. Diana brought me the most professional growth."

Since earning my Master’s degree in social work twenty years ago, training with Dr. Diana brought me the most professional growth. I had practiced in the field of psychotherapy and felt comfortable with my skills, but learning Dr. Diana’s techniques provided insight into how I can move clients forward, faster, toward their goals. Her ideas are based on best practices and the latest research, and she makes the concepts easily digestible for a client with any background. Training with her prepared me to work with a diverse array of coaching clients. Her loving tone comes through in her training exercises and thus, to the clients. I have a successful, flexible career that rewards me in every way.
~Kate Forest, LCSW, ACSW,


"It's a truly comprehensive experience that will transform!"

I can’t say enough about the excellent training I received from Dr. Diana Kirschner. As a psychotherapist and coach I use the foundation of Diana’s life work - to inform almost every decision I make in helping singles and couples create the love they desire and deserve. Dr. Diana’s thoughtful and research-driven understanding of our deepest need to love and be loved form the principles that guide her powerful Love in 90 Days training program. It is truly a comprehensive experience that will transform your coaching or therapy practice. Dr. Diana’s training has given me an enormous amount of confidence in the work I do, especially with more difficult cases, and I have seen my clinical understanding of issues pertaining to love and relationships deepen and mature under her guidance and supervision. Love in 90 Days training gives you a powerful framework of practice that produces both optimal results for your clients and the mastery and satisfaction you desire as a practitioner!
~Judy Rappaport RN, MSN

"Helped me to feel confident to begin working with clients."

I have learned so much from working with Diana. She is extremely knowledgeable in the field of love and relationships and teaches me a lot from a clinical perspective. She is not only knowledgeable but has a big heart and her intuition is spot on. The Love in 90 Days material that I learned helped me to feel confident to begin working with clients-- as it gave me a solid framework from which to work from and which I can continue to refer to. I appreciate the she has provided homework for clients to do, which not only helps the client understand themselves and their relationship better, but it also helps me to understand my client better so that I can be a more effective coach. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be trained by Dr. Diana. Thank you, Diana for doing what you do!
~Jennevieve Ybarra, Dating and Relationship Coach

"Her teaching style perfectly melds her professional, no nonsense approach and kind, intuitive soul."

It has been my honor to have Dr. Diana’s as my dating instructor, mentor and guide. Her teaching style perfectly melds her professional, no nonsense approach and kind, intuitive soul, which allows her gracefully to assist each student (like myself) to step into his or her own greatness as a Love coach. She is part strategist, part thought provoker, and part cheerleader. And she has a masterful knack for knowing when to invoke these various skills to bring out a clarity of purpose in training without stifling your individual style through her training. I have really enjoyed and treasured the day she accepted me into her fold as a Love Mentor and can’t wait for all the wonderful years to come.
~Angelia Johnson, Relationship Coach

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Frequently Asked Questions

No!  You can use this course as a profound personal growth experience no matter what your profession!

YES! This course will make a PROFOUND difference in your love life and beyond. We totally transform how you experience yourself, dating and the world. What I teach you is truly the magic elixir which enables you to shift your entire being -- not only will is help you find the RIGHT one and create a happy relationship, you'll also become radically more confident. So many women do this coaching and then notice results in their work and success!

This course will begin to ground you in such a way that you will be way ahead of most coaches who are just starting out!  Because you will have techniques that truly work to bond, empower, guide and inspired clients.  You will also learn where to get clients for your practice.  

      If you are a complete newbie, you will also need to get more experience and other trainings and recommendations for this can be discussed via our private Facebook Group.

No because you will be learning my unique proprietary tools and techniques, including how to bond deeply with clients, the Diamond Self work for yourself and you clients and so much more.  And it all has been show to work extremely well in my vast clinical practice.

Yes.  You will learn about the Diamond Self work and about healthy relationships.  Plus you can ask questions about your relationship in our group and on our private Facebook page.

You'll receive your first lesson October 21!

Yes! While your lesson modules are set up to be delivered weekly, you do not need to follow this timeline. You can follow the course at your own speed. You have lifetime access to the videos and written materials. You also have access to our private Facebook page. However, the live instruction component ends on December 14. 

Yes.  The videos are online for you.  And if you can’t make the training calls they will be recorded and sent out to all students.

The group coaching schedule is below. During these sessions, I’ll delve further into the course materials and take your questions. You'll be able to join these sessions via internet or phone. If you cannot make a live session, do not worry! All sessions will be recorded and made available to students.  

All calls are scheduled for 2pm ET/11am PT
10/23 Group Coaching Session 1
11/2 Group Coaching Session 2
11/6 Group Coaching Session 3
11/16 Group Coaching Session 4
11/20 Group Coaching Session 5
12/4 Group Coaching Session 6
12/14 Group Coaching Session 7
12/18 Group Coaching Session 8

Each weekly lesson consists of about 1 -1.5 hours of video trainings and 1-2 hours of "homework." 

To be certified, you must complete all lessons and homework, pass a quiz, and sign a certification agreement.

Special Provisions: All video and written course materials provided by LDU are strictly confidential and proprietary. They are not to be shared by the Student with others. The Student may not teach Love in 90 Days coach training courses. 

The Student understands that he or she may NOT use the trademarked terms “Love Mentor®” or “Love Mentoring®” or “Love in 90 Days®” on his or her website or in any ads including social media ads or on business cards. However, upon successful completion of the course the Student may state that he or she “has completed the Love in 90 Days Certification Course I.”

*Disclaimer – Individual results could vary and we make no guarantee that you’ll find “love in 90 days” or create a successful coaching practice. However many of our students have found greatly increased self-confidence, as well as love with a new or existing partner, and have created a lucrative coaching practice.

All video and written course materials provided by LDU are strictly confidential and proprietary. They are not to be shared by the Student with others. The Student may not teach Love in 90 Days coach training courses.

The Student understands that he or she may NOT use the trademarked terms “Love Mentor®” or “Love Mentoring®” or “Love in 90 Days®” on his or her website or in any ads including social media ads or on business cards. However, upon successful completion of the course the Student may state that he or she “has completed the Love in 90 Days Certification Course I.”


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